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The name Qatar conjures up images of natural deserts and coastal beauty, combined with magical silhouettes of architecture old and new, culminating in the ideal cultural holiday experience.

Whether visiting from another country in the region, or from further afield, with limited time to spare in transit or with a longer stay planned, guests are met by the warmth of typical Arabian hospitality, whose authenticity so easily resides within the framework of Qatar's modern and progressive society.

A wealth of diverse attractions and popular tourist sites range from the authentic to the dazzlingly modern, with many unique sights to be seen, within only a few minutes of the capital city, none of which would be complete without a trip into the wilds of the desert, where Qatar's captivating charms all began!

The most popular recommended tourist experiences include strolling along Doha's bustling corniche, bargaining for traditional wares at the authentic Souq Waqif, and discovering the fine artworks on display at the Museum of Islamic Art.

For more details and recommendations for visiting Qatar, please visit the Qatar Tourism Authority website where a host of Qatari experiences await you.

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